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Daphne and Diane, along with their professional staff of psychics, astrologers, palm readers and tarot card readers do private and group readings, fortune telling sessions, social and corporate entertainment events, life coaching, and astrological charting and tarot card readings, palm readings, and Reiki.Let us help you with all and any areas of concern. Tell A will make your next corporate or social event, luncheon dinner party or theme party a special occasion that your friends and colleagues will enjoy and talk about.

We have a large staff of professional ASTROLOGERS, CARD READERS, HANDWRITING ANALYSIS, NUMEROLOGISTS AND PALM READERS. They will entertain, enlighten, and yes, astonish your guests as they miraculously paint picture profiles of each guest and offer POSITIVE ADVICE. All of this is done with fun and humor.

The TELL A FORTUNE staff is trained in the entertainment industry. They are festively attired for the occasion. They dress up your party. Seated at tables, booths or harem-like tents, they set an overall magical mood of mysticism and excitement! They are also available for special office celebrations.

For large events, your employees can roam from psychic to card reader, astrologer to palmist. The length of the individual readings depend on the number of psychics and the size of the group. The readings range from 3-5 minutes per guest for larger groups,or longer readings for more intimate gatherings.

Diane and Daphne’s New Age Psychic Entertainment has several different entertainment formats! We have motivational metaphysical speakers, “stand-up” psychic performers and “roving and stationary psychics”. Everything is done in good taste. No one is embarrassed and everyone has a good time.

Motivational Metaphysical Speakers

The Motivational Metaphysical speaker is becoming increasingly in demand for inspiration as well as entertainment. The focus of the business meeting, spousal program or sales meeting is now directed personally, but humorously, at the group or sometimes each guest. The speaker addresses topics such as self actualization, positive thinking, and the need for visualization; a tool used by many sports figures today.

The group is often divided into 12 astrological signs. If the guests are unaware of their signs, the speaker will help them out. Messages relating to the attributes of each group as well as important individual messages and advice are given and explained.

The presentation makes for a thoroughly entertaining program, and the guests leave with the feeling that they learned something special about themselves. There is never any doom or gloom, only positive reinforcement. Remember, this is entertainment.

We have entertained some of the largest corporations in America. We welcome you to ask for your list of references, which rivals the Fortune 500 list!

Please call us soon. We would be delighted to work with you to make your party or event VERY SPECIAL and FULL OF GOLDEN MEMORIES.

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