Tell a Fortune Kit

Tell a Fortune Kit by Daphne

Tell A Fortune  – Astrological Card Reading Kit
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Each Tell A Fortune Kit by Daphne Contains:



  • Deck of 54 fortune telling cards with calligraphic messages to aid you in understanding what is happening in your love life, career, health and finances.  This kit is designed to help tap into the player’s inner voice and to answer questions regarding the forthcoming future of each player. It also can be used by those who wish to do public readings psychic, clairvoyant, metaphysical.
  • Audio cassette tape on which Daphne herself educates and trains you how to unlock the messages from your inner voice and learn the secrets of the cards.  Daphne also takes you on a journey through the twelve houses of the Zodiac on the audio cassette.
  • Red and purple satin double sided zodiac compatible layout cloth game board with silk screened Zodiac wheel on one side and pouches on the other.
  • Instruction booklet with additional fortune telling cards layouts.
  • One 12 sided die for use in groups
  • One genuine tiger’s eye stone for concentration and focus.

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Tell A Fortune Tarot Card Reading KitThe zodiac compatible fortune telling cards game, Tell A Fortune Kit by Daphne, is a fun, easy, first-of-a-kind fortune telling cards system based on zodiac compatibility and card readings, psychic intuition, and more. Using fortune telling cards in the Tell A Fortune Kit by Daphne, you can easily perform readings psychic predictions, and get intuitive advice. Use it for your own future and increase your ability psychic, intuitive and metaphysical power.

The zodiac compatible fortune telling kit contains a deck of 54 fortune telling cards with easy to read messages on each card to develop your ability psychic awareness, and intuition which helps you understand what is happening in your: love life, career, health, and finances.

On the silk zodiac compatible board in the kit are the 12 houses:

  • The first sign astrological house, Aries, relates to you.
  • The second sign astrological house, Taurus, relates to money.
  • The third sign astrological house, Gemini, relates to communication.
  • The fourth sign astrological house, Cancer, relates to your home.
  • The fifth sign astrological house, Leo, relates to pleasures.
  • The sixth sign astrological house, Virgo, relates to work.
  • The seventh sign astrological house, Libra, relates to partners.
  • The eighth sign astrological house, Scorpio, relates to power.
  • The ninth sign astrological house, Sagittarius, relates to philosophy.
  • The tenth sign astrological house, Capricorn, relates to ambitions.
  • The eleventh sign astrological house, Aquarius, relates to friends and goals.
  • The twelfth sign astrological house, Pisces, relates to unconscious thoughts.

When using the kit, you place the fortune telling cards (one or two each) outside each of the houses on the board and interpret them both psychically and astrologically. The kit helps you to give accurate readings psychic advice, and astrological guidance.

The Tell A Fortune Kit by Daphne also contains an Audio Cassette Tape with complete instructions to develop your ability psychic intuition and astrological understanding and can be used by one or more players.

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zodiac compatible satin layout cloth game board with silkscreen Zodiac Wheel on one side and Storage Poucheson the other. An Instruction Booklet with additional fortune telling card layouts and one 12 Sided Die for use in group play and one Genuine Tiger’s Eye Gem Stone for concentration and focus are also part of the kit.

The fortune telling cards have calligraphic messages on each one which are easy to read and understand and help you expand your ability psychic intuition, and card reading prowess. They are designed to help tap into the player’s inner voice and to answer questions regarding the forthcoming future of each player. It also can be used by those who wish to do public readings to earn extra income, psychic, clairvoyant, metaphysical.

You don’t have to have a special ability psychic or otherwise, or knowledge about fortune telling cards to enjoy this kit. You will learn it all effortlessly by using the zodiac compatible Tell A Fortune Kit by Daphne, while you are being entertained.

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