Tell a Fortune Application

No Downers.. No Predictions of Doom or Gloom.

Develop Your Natural Intuitive Right Brain!

Imagine being able at any time to ask questions and receive instant answers about any of life’s important decisions or concerns.

You can play by yourself, or with friends and family!

An addictive aspect of the Tell a Fortune App is the Live Social game where anyone on the Planet with an iPod, iPad, iPhone or Android device can play. The Tell a Fortune App is fun, accurate and insightful! You are just a click away from receiving a Tell a Fortune card containing messages and answers to your questions along with daily Affirmations.

The Tell a Fortune App consists of three ways to play and receive answers about Love, Money, Career, Health or any other of life’s issues and a chat room.

Ask a Question Game

Consists of three categories of questions: Love, Money, or General Questions and Daily Affirmations. Straight forward and a positive addiction.

The Zodiac Game of Life

The colors of each house on the zodiac wheel are true representations of each astrology house.

The colors of each house on the zodiac wheel are
true representations of each astrology house.

The Zodiac Game of Life consists of 12 astrological houses representing 12 aspects of one’s life including, Money, Relationships, Career, Health, and Goals. It can be played individually or with family or with friends. A “Tell a Fortune” card will appear with insightful messages for each house. When playing with others you can take turns being the reader and interpreter of the other player’s cards.

The Social Zodiac Game of Life (Coming Soon)

The Social Zodiac Game of Life can be played with up to 12 players from all parts of world. This divination consists of a live, ongoing chat room in which the players can discuss their messages and other player’s readings. This is a great way to develop your own intuition by giving suggestions, interpretations and even guidance to others in your game. There is also a permanent Chat Room for use outside of the Social Game.