Diane and Daphne

The business owners of TellaFortune.com, Daphne Weld Nichols and Diane Dalpe created the company in 1977. Their mission is to provide high quality psychic guidance and tarot readings to all areas of one’s life, including but not limited to relationships, career, finances, and health issues.

Daphne is a renowned psychic, intuitive, healer, astrologer, fortune teller, reiki master, numerologist, tarot card reader, and feng shui practitioner. Daphne had her first psychic awareness experience at age 7. Since then she has devoted over 30 years to researching the mysteries of various healing frequencies of sound, color, music, crystals, gemstones, far infrared light, flower essences, flower energy, aromatherapy, power animals, feng shui balancing and crystal energy healings.

Diane is an intuitive counselor, card reader, psychic, palmist, reiki master, and life coach. From her earliest years, she possessed a unique ability to predict events prior to them happening. These unusual gifts motivated her to learn as much as possible about the paranormal and psychic awareness. She developed an understanding of how to use her natural psychic ability to help others through the use of their own tarot cards, palmistry crystal energy and reiki healings. She draws upon all of these special gifts to guide her clients in her life coach practice.

     Daphne and Diane’s Tell a Fortune card company is devoted to teaching everyone to help themselves through the creation of their patented fortune telling game “Tell a Fortune by Daphne“, their tarot card reading deck, and the “Do it Yourself Feng Shui Kit“. These tools help easily tap into people’s inner voices to receive answers about issues and questions.

     Daphne and Diane have become well known motivational speakers and TV personalities using their psychic predictions to help guide people and lift their spirits. They have received a substantial amount of recognition.


They have appeared on:

  • CNN
  • Peter Jennings
  • FOX
  • Good Morning America
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • NBC
  • and call-in radio stations.

Cable TV Program

Daphne Diane and Jackie StalloneDaphne and Diane host a cable TV program called Living Unlimited and have interviewed well known celebrities including:

  • Wayne Dyer
  • Joan Barysenko
  • Carolyn Meiss
  • and Jacqueline Stallone



Rabbi David Cooper author of “God is a Verb” on the set of “Living Unlimited,” with hosts Daphne Weld Nichols and Diane Dalpe


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