Anger Management

Powerful time now. First NEW MOON of the Astrological Calendar…
New Moon’s energy is PEAKING and the intensity will last until 4/25/13 when there will be a Full Moon in Earthy, Sensuous Taurus…yum!
Aries moon CONJUNCT Mars can contribute to our feelings of impatience as well as  having a short fuse. Excuses, excuses! 
Don’t you love them! :)
Now, it is time to change the focus …….Let’s be aware of the Venus connection to the New Moon. So much fire energy needs to be contained and focused in a healthy & positive direction for peace in our lives. With our own inner peace we are able to lovingly embrace and accept,

Affirmation: I enjoy the moment, feeling the flow of my loving spirit that is extending towards all that surrounds me and my life, my family, friends, my home , my personal creativity.
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