Card Readings and Psychic Predictions

Got a question? Give it a click and receive uplifting and inspiring answers, affirmations and more! Use the Tell A Fortune Application on iPhone, iPad, and Android ~to frequently ASK AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU WANT, AS MANY TIMES A DAY AS YOU WANT to instantly receive quick and accurate answers to your questions about Love, Money or any General categories.

*Use the Tell a Fortune application with the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices.
*Got  a question? Click on “ASK A QUESTION” and receive uplifting and inspiring answers, positive Affirmations and more!
*Receive amazingly accurate Answers and future Predictions to your questions about Love, Money or any General category.
*Select the ZODIAC GAME OF LIFE card reading for more in depth insights. Discover answers about the 12 parts of your life including; your money, relationships, career, children, etc.
*Have fun by playing with family or friends.
*Great for a party to stimulate communication   
*Visit the CHAT Room to discuss your readings.
*World-renown psychic astrologers and Tell a Fortune creators, Daphne and Diane, will occasionally join in the CHAT Room to answer questions or discuss astrological happenings.
*The SCROLL BAR on the front page is an added communication feature. Daphne And Diane will post interesting information about the planets, sun signs, compatibility and even gardening with the moon phases.
*Daphne and Diane created the Tell a Fortune app, based on the popular game of the same name, so that even more people can enjoy receiving immediate answers to their questions along with positive Affirmations.
*Tell a Fortune was uniquely used to help the 86′ Red Sox ‘Reverse The Curse”…By the way..They won the World Series!
*Based on the Law of Attraction that we create our reality by what we think.  Use the Tell a Fortune app daily to receive the answers and guidance that you need to create the life that you want.
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